Four Ways to Kick Start Your Tech Marketing

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So you’ve spent months, even years, convincing yourself and your partners in the brilliance of your bright idea of a new tech startup. The Series A funding check just cleared the bank and you’re well on your way to moving the business from your home to a small business incubator space downtown—now what?

Getting noticed, or even generating leads for a tech startup is a crucial component to getting off the ground and moving toward profitability. But generating businesses isn’t the only hurdle a tech startup has to overcome. Startups must also play ball in an increasingly competitive market for the worker talent—you know the individuals who actually do the work and services a startup provides; not to mention countless other startups and well-established business offering the same services or products–that’s where tech startup marketing comes in.

According to the Guardian, few businesses would think twice about getting financial advice—but many still think they can muddle through doing the marketing themselves. But the two most important things for a startup business are finances and marketing. Startups should be speaking to marketing agencies from the beginning—even if it is just sitting down and having a chat in order to get some serious insight from an expert.

But until you’re ready to reach out and dial that marketing hotline, check out these tips on how to lay the groundwork of your marketing.

  1. Build a Functional Website

Just because you’re a tech startup doesn’t mean you’ve got all your ducks in a row regarding your online branding. It’s crucial that tech startups have a functional website that adequately explains services and products, and how these things are useful to a client. Be sure your website is optimized for marketing; e-mail and contact forms work adequately with bells and whistles that will alert you when a potential client clicks on a link for more information or request a callback.

Why is this important? Buyers are more often becoming less reliant on a salesperson and more so on web-based information through websites. In fact, most consumers are already 57% through the buying cycle before they even pick up the phone to speak to a sales person, according to a recent study. Just think of all those potential leads and customers you’re missing out on by not having a functional website that speaks to your products and services.

See these tips of how to build a truly inbound marketing website for your business.

  1. Attend a Conference, Put Your Startup Out There

Conferences are an extremely effective way to generate leads and buzz for a new venture. Having a booth at a conference, becoming a speaker or even attending for networking purposes can greatly improve a startup’s exposure to an industry that it’s marketing toward. There is no shortage of tech-focused conferences. For example, Rock Stars of Tech Startups is an annual conference all about—you guessed it—tech startups!

  1. Find a Partner, Find Success

Getting your feet off the ground and finding new business when no one knows who you are is challenging. But offering your services to a larger business or organization in the form of a partnership or subcontract is a great opportunity to build a client and referral list as well as a portfolio. A recent HiveMind client was able to build a consistent revenue stream by acting a cloud-service subcontractor for a larger organization, while also having enough resources to attract its own clients.

  1. Don’t Forget about Blogging or Social Media

It’s become routine for HiveMind blogs to shout “write blogs!” “be active on social media!” in every post. But we can’t stress how important it is to consistently publish strong and useful content your website via a blog or social media to build authority and credibility within your market space.

See more on how blogging is the Vitamin C your business needs daily.


The challenges for tech startups can be daunting. But with marketing, a little can go a long way. These steps may not cure all the hills and hurdles tech startups face but it can be that extra shot of adrenaline needed to kick things into high gear.

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